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Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immerse yourself in a world full of adventures, feel independence in its most beautiful way and experience pure joie de vivre. And because going on vacation always means being free in a certain way, Wohnwagen Vogt helps you to experience this freedom in a whole new way. Rest your mind…

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Knaus caravans

You would like to go on vacation by car? Then our caravans are just the thing. This caravan has 4-5 sleeping places and is very inexpensive to rent.

Carado T 348 with lift bed

Fulfill your dream of unrestricted travel with one of our best motorhomes! The Carado T 348 offers 4 sleeping places and is super comfortable as well.

Carado A 464

Be perfectly equipped for your next trip! The Carado A 464 offers sleeping places for up to 6 persons.

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